World class centre of environmental excellence

One of the most significant centers of environmental excellence and business, employing nearly 5,000 people, has formed in the Lahti region. It is internationally known especially for its expertise in recycling as well as water and soil treatment. Capable educational establishments and research units as well as approximately 130 businesses create unparalleled synergy benefits.



Lake Vesijärvi: global model example of environmental expertise

The restoration of Lake Vesijärvi, which started in the 1980s, is an internationally known success story. It triggered the launch of the most important urban environment research cluster of the Nordic countries in Lahti. The University of Helsinki’s environmental ecology research unit, Finland’s largest commercial water laboratory, as well as plenty of businesses from the industry have located in the area.

Lahti is also home to the first Nordic pilot-level soil research facility where the scientific research of soil and water systems as well as companies’ product development can be carried out in real conditions.

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Waste utilisation

The Lahti region is a forerunner in waste utilization: as much as 96 % of municipal waste is recycled. The Kujala area has become the most important recycling business and innovation center in Finland. Lahti Energia’s new power plant that uses energy waste and wood is one of the most modern facilities in Europe and rouses interest all over world. A dry anaerobic digestion facility using biological waste is currently being constructed. The biogas produced by this treatment will be fed into the natural gas network.


Renewable energy research

Energon, a globally unique renewable energy research center, is located in Lahti. Companies and research facilities perform research and develop solid, liquid and gaseous bio fuels as well as devices that use solar energy and thermal heat.

Innovations in environmentally friendly living

New types of ecological living solutions are being developed in the Lahti region. The Karisto area in Lahti is a model neighborhood in energy-efficient wood construction. In Nastola and Hollola, a new kind of model is being created for the use of renewable energy sources in new regional building. Lahden Talot Oy’s low-energy apartment buildings use thermal heat and solar energy. The Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland (ARA) actively supports the development and implementation of living innovations.


Bringing growth companies and investors together

Europe’s largest cleantech investor event, Cleantech Venture Day, gathers hundreds of investors and growth companies in Lahti every year. The event has generated a wide array of services supporting the growth of cleantech companies.


Nordic Innovation Accelerator

NIA is an open innovation tool for solving environmental challenges. It is aimed for cleantech businesses, who want to speed up their development and launching processes.

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Cleantech Venture Day 2013

Cleantech Venture Day 2013


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